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Geometric Patterns Teapot Set

$109.00 Regular price $160.00
Ceramic tea compartment design, exquisite filter holes, effectively control the concentration of tea soup, filter tea dregs, convenient and practical
Ceramic candle holder design, candles can be placed inside, for heating and keeping warm

Item: CLF76
Style: Geometric Patterns Teapot Set
Set: 1set, 2set, 4set
Color: Blue, Pink
Pattern: Inverted triangle, Phnom Penh
Material: Ceramic
Package includes:
1set: Teapot*1, Candle holder*1
2set: Teapot*1, Candle holder*1, Tea cup*2, Saucer*2, Tea spoon*2
4set: Teapot*1, Candle holder*1, Tea cup*4, Saucer*4, Tea spoon*4

Do not use hard materials such as steel wire to wipe, so as not to scratch the surface
Do not use dishwashers, ovens,Disinfection cabinet, Microwave oven