"Animal" Dessert Spoon & Fork Flatware

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Creative things can always bring people wireless imagination and surprises. Food is not as good as beautiful utensils. High-value and innovative tableware can show off on the table.

Item: ADIFLDE010
Style: "Animal" Dessert Spoon & Fork Cutlery
Color: As shown
Product: Spoon, Fork
Shape:Cat, Bear
Size: cat: 11.5cm, bear: 13.8cm
Material: Stainless steel
Package includes: 1/pack

Suitable for dishwashers, disinfection cabinets, not for microwave ovens, ovens
Do not place it in high temperature, strong acid, weak alkaline solution
It is not advisable to use steel wire balls to scrape and wash tableware to avoid scratches
After the tableware wash with water, it should be wiped dry in time with a cloth, and do not place it in a humid and corrosive environment

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