Stellar Starry Projector Lamp

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Illuminate the entire room with patterns of the moon, stars, and animals: if you press the rotate button, these lights will rotate 360 ​​degrees clockwise, just like they are walking on the wall!

Three different movies, switch the lighting effects at will: the starry night lights project the starry sky, the ocean, and the universe around the room so that the place becomes a relaxing environment at night. It makes your children and wife feel comfortable and relaxed while allowing you to enjoy a romantic time with your partner.

The perfect gift: The night light projector is very suitable for decorating parties, holidays, weddings, rooms and other occasions. It is an excellent gift for your lover, baby, family, and friends.

Bedroom Children's Projector: The Starry Night Light Projector is very cool. It can bring the universe back to children's homes and watch the moon and stars fly in their rooms to satisfy their curiosity about general astronomy science.

Dazzling Star Projector: Your child will be fascinated by the rotating stars and moon. Colorful luminous LED lights create a peaceful atmosphere in your child's room and let them sleep well.

The camera button on the left turns on the starry sky mode:
First press: cold white light, second press: blue light, third press: warm yellow light, fourth press: three-color jump, fifth press: three-color mixed light, sixth press: 3 seconds Gradient color, the seventh press: the light is off, in the projection lamp mode, long press the camera pattern button, the projection lamp changes from bright to press, and then from dark to bright.

The sun pattern button on the right turns on the night light mode:
First press: cool white light, second press: warm yellow light, third press: light off, night light mode, long press the sun pattern button, the night light turns from bright to dark, and then from dark to bright

Blank button to replace the film: Long press the blank button and turn the lamp cover counterclockwise to open the lamp cover, change the movie, and enjoy another world. Long press the empty button, align the hole position, and turn the lamp cover clockwise to close it.

Number: CXK06
Style: Stellar night light projector
Size: 151x151x132mm
Color: White, Pink, Green 
Material: ABS+PET+silicone
Power supply: USB charging or 3*AAA Battery
Projection distance: ≤3 meters
Voltage: 5V
Package includes: projector* 1 + free 3 films

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