"Minerva" Double-Sided Blanket

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Find a simple attitude in a complicated life.

A blanket can use in many ways. It can be a sofa blanket, a car blanket, or an air-conditioning blanket
Suitable for living room, bedroom, study room, studio, and other scenes

Item: CTZ20
Style: "Minerva" double-sided bed blanket
Color: Yellow, Brown, Gray, Green, Orange
Material: Polyester
Fabric: Flannel + Artificial cashmere
Size: 130*160cm, 160*200cm
Package includes: 1/pack

Wash quickly with cold water, don't soak, don't wash with warm water or boiling water

The most significant advantage of polyester is that it has excellent wrinkle resistance, shape retention, high strength, and elastic recovery. It is durable, anti-wrinkle, non-ironing, and non-sticky.
Flannel fabric: plush is relatively delicate and dense, soft and smooth, and has excellent warmth retention.
Artificial cashmere fabric: has excellent breathability, soft, easy deformation, and wrinkling, durable wear.

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