Cube Flip Induction Timer

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Rubik's cube shape, through flip induction, switch different time modules, eliminating the need for manual presetting
There are two modes of sound or silence. The battery cover has a mode selection button. The button has three levels: treble, bass and mute, for you to choose according to your needs
Suitable for AAA batteries, comfortable to replace, durable, the product equipped with two batteries
Soft led light, flashing every second, soft light is not dazzling
After the timer starts, there is no ticking sound. After the timer ends, the normal mode is a repeated beep reminder, and the silent mode is a flashing light reminder
A variety of shapes and colors can be selected, not only for baking timing but also for learning timing.

Item: CCl07
Style: Cube Flip Induction Timer
Material: ABS
Color: Pink, Green, Purple, Gray, Light Blue, Red, Dark Blue, Brown, Yellow
Package contains:1/Pack

The time can set as:
Pink: 10/30/50/60min
Green: 1/5/10/30min
Purple: 5/10/15/20min
Gray: 15/20/25/30min
Light Blue: 5/10/45/60min
Red: 30/45/60/90min
Dark Blue: 10/20/30/60min
Orange: 1/3/10/15min
Yellow: 5/10/20/30min

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