Beech Multifunctional Measuring Scale

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It is not only an electronic food scale but also has a timing function. When baking, you can not only use it for weighing but also remind yourself of the timing of the baking time.

Number: CCl01
Name: Beech Multifunctional Measuring Scale
Material: Beech, Silicone
Size: as shown
Colors: As shown
Maximum weighing: 500g
Accuracy: 0.1g
Timing: 3min
Display: LED display
Power supply mode: AAA*2 (no include)
Package contains:1/Pack

Do not place heavy objects on the weighing pan to avoid damage to the sensor.
Pay attention to keep the ash weighing pan dry to prevent deformation.
This product is not waterproof; please do not soak in water.

Right: Long press the button to turn on and off, lightly press it to start the "return to zero" (tare) function
Left: Press the button to start timing

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