Ballet Teapot Set

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Wearing ballet skirts together, dancing in the rain of flowers, simple trust, warm companionship

Item: CLF77
Style: Ballet Teapot Set
Set: 2set, 4set, 6set, Bird cup holder
Color: As shown
Material: >45% Bone China
Package includes:
2set: Teapot*1, Tea cup*2, Saucer*2, Tea spoon*2
4set: Teapot*1, Tea cup*4, Saucer*4, Tea spoon*4, Cup holder*1
6set(no include cup holder): Teapot*1, Tea cup*6, Saucer*6, Tea spoon*4
cup holder: Can hold six cups

Do not use hard materials such as steel wire to wipe, so as not to scratch the surface
Do not use dishwashers, ovens,Disinfection cabinet, Microwave oven

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