“The Tree” Macrame Tapestry

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The tapestry is combined with abstract lines, patterns, and tassels. Abstract lines increase the fun of the room, and the tassels bring a warm feel.
At Christmas, it can still be used as a decoration to add a festive atmosphere.
Hand-made is a nirvana of life, and it has no meaning of rebirth until it meets you.

It can be used as home decoration in the living room, bedroom, balcony, etc, it is suitable for all kinds of wall and door decoration.
It is woven with natural cotton thread, anti-allergic, and anti-static.
It has environmental protection and bacteriostasis, no odor.

Item No: GT037
Style: “The Tree” Macrame Tapestry
Color: As shown
Size: 30cm*42cm
Material: Cotton(80%-92%)
Craft: Handmade, printing
Package include: 1/pack

Do not wash with water, recommended to use dust remover to clean regularly.

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