“White Beaded” Macrame Dream Catcher

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Wrapped in a circle, hand-woven into a flower shape in the middle, and decorated with tassels and white beads, cleverly crafted.
It makes you be full of vitality every morning and comfortable every night.

It can be a wedding decoration pendant and also be used as home decoration in the living room, bedroom, balcony, etc.
It is woven with natural cotton thread, anti-allergic, and anti-static.
It has environmental protection and bacteriostasis, no odor.

Item No: GT025
Style: “White Beaded” Macrame Tapestry
Color: White
Size: As shown
Material: Cotton(71%-80%), flax
Craft: Handmade
Package include: 1/pack

Do not wash with water, recommended to use dust remover to clean regularly.

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