“Different Mountains” Wall Hanging Tapestry

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The combination of color and mountains has charm and color no matter where you are, allowing you to see different elevations and beauty.

Used for wall decoration, background cloth, table cloth, curtain, beach towels, towels, beach shawl sunscreen, etc. can be used indoors and outdoors.
It made of polyester velvet; the feel is slightly slippery, non-elastic, moderate thickness, opaque,
Single-sided printing with a pure white underside. Slightly elastic,
The color is gorgeous and very beautiful, without fading, easy to clean.

Item No: CGB01
Style: “Different Mountains” Wall Hanging Tapestry
Color: As shown
Size: 95*73cm, 150*130cm, 200*150cm
Material: Polyester
Pattern: Irregular Mountains, Sunset, Blue Forest, Mountain Smoke, Jungle

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